July 29, 2020

Freshen Up Your Space with GDC Home

GDC Home is here to help freshen up your space, and their number one tip – don’t be afraid of light colored upholstery!

Even in a home by the ocean, where the last thing you want to worry about is the fabric on your sofa, white or light colored upholstery may be your best option. Upholstery fabric has come a long way. With slip covers and the stain resistant technology of Crypton and other performance fabrics your upholstered furniture will stay beautiful for years.

All of the GDC Home slipcover fabrics are easy care and with recommended cleaning instructions available here. One of the advantages of white slipcovers is the ability to add bleach to your washing machine for maximum stain removal. Your covers will come out like new every time.

If slipcovers are not what your after, one of the best-selling performance fabrics is Crypton. The fabric is soft and available in a wide array of colors, textures and patterns. One of their favorites is Crypton Oasis from Lee Industries pictured above on a sectional also from Lee Industries.

Using light colors on your upholstery is a sure way to keep your space feeling open and airy. Keeping your large furniture pieces neutral allows you to change up your smaller accessories for a whole new look without having to break the bank. Switch up your throw pillows or coffee able accessories on a whim even change the paint color on your walls. Keep your décor classic with light colors let GDC Home help you pick the right pieces with the right fabrics.

Visit their showroom and retail store in the Village on the corner of Freshfields Drive and Gardeners Circle.