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Valentine's Day Special

Visit Palmetto Scent Studio for a Valentine’s Day Weekend Special! The special begins at 3:00 pm on Friday, February 14 and continues all day on Saturday, February 12.

The special includes one pour-your-own custom-scented soy candle per person in your choice of jars ranging from 9 oz to 11 oz; a glass of sparkling wine or beer and premium chocolates for each person to enjoy while pouring; a souvenir mini-photo capturing your special evening. The special is $50 per couple. No reservations necessary. 

Candles take 90 minutes to cool before they are ready to take home, and once they are ready we will hand-deliver to wherever you’re dining in the Village. Candles poured by 6:30 PM can be delivered to your restaurant that evening (or available for pick up the same day) and candles poured after 6:30 PM can be picked up in-studio on another day at your convenience. You can plan on 30 minutes from the time you waft in to the time you are leaving for your dinner.