December 15, 2018 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm

Yin/Yang Soundbath

Location: STUDIO 33

Suitable for all levels, Yin yoga nourishes deep connective tissues by holding a series of passive seated and supine postures for 3-10 minutes.  Targeting hips, shoulders, upper body.  Recommended to prevent injury, reduce stress and tension, replenish the health of joints, ligaments, organs, deep facial networks and bones, regulate flow of energy, and restore balance to one’s overall health and longevity. Yang Yoga is a more dynamic practice focusing on larger muscle groups where we’ll flow by matching the movement to breath in order to generate heat in the body.  A sound bath is a surprising and delightful experience of a deep journey into sacred sound. Feel a refreshing bath of vibration, crystal singing bowls.  Once the room is engulfed with this ancient cosmic vibration, everyone will take part in a journey they will not soon forget.