February 27, 2024

Faces of Freshfields: Meet the Women-Owned Businesses of The Village

In celebration of International Women’s Day on Friday, March 8, we’re highlighting our women-owned business owners in The Village. We proudly recognize these remarkable women whose strength, entrepreneurial spirit, and unwavering dedication have not only crafted a vibrant shopping and customer service experience, but also significantly contributed to fostering community growth, nurturing local economies, and creating inclusive spaces where all can flourish! Let’s take a moment to appreciate and get to know the dynamic women behind these ventures, spotlighting six of the sixteen female-led businesses at Freshfields.


Nancy Whitmore of Holly & Brooks

With over ten remarkable years in business, Nancy’s Holly & Brooks has evolved into a vibrant community hub within The Village, marrying fashion and empowerment. Her dedication to collaborations with fellow local businesses and event hosting illustrates the power of entrepreneurship in nurturing a loyal, supportive community.


Grace Cribbin of Aubergine Home Collection

Embarking on a journey from the rustic charm of Ireland to the vibrant environment of Freshfields Village, Grace’s story is an inspiring tale of entrepreneurship. Her fierce passion and unwavering resilience became the pillars of her store, Aubergine Home Collection. This shop elegantly showcases her unique style and a vivid reflection of her cultural heritage through its diverse home décor & lifestyle offerings.


Jaki DiGeronimo of Java Java

Jaki is a key member of the Kiawah community. She’s the proud owner of the beloved Java Java café, serving more than just coffee to its loyal patrons. The café doubles as a local hub, where people gather, engage and celebrate art and community spirit. Jaki strongly believes in the communal power of coffee which fosters unity and friendships.


Dr. Christie Wiles of Salt Marsh Animal Hospital

Making her way to Freshfields in 2021, Dr. Wiles consistently demonstrates a deep passion for animal wellbeing within The Village community and further afield. Her commitment extends beyond her professional responsibilities at Salt Marsh Animal Hospital, showcasing an empathetic dedication to her community. Her work personifies care and nurturing joy, as she skillfully nurtures relationships between clients and their beloved animal companions.


Erica Hanks of Showroom

Erica’s Showroom is an avant-garde boutique that showcases a meticulously curated collection of high-end fashion and offers bespoke personal styling services, thoughtfully designed to meet the multifaceted needs of the contemporary woman. Drawing upon Erica’s illustrious career and her expansive network within the fashion realm, Showroom transcends traditional shopping by bringing esteemed luxury brands into the heart of our community.


Bea Shaffer of Café Eugenia

Bea’s Café Eugenia exemplifies a love for local traditions and cuisine. Her passion for community inspires her work, breathing life into the unique flavors that make her café a beloved destination. Extending beyond just food, she has built a warm, welcoming space where patrons truly feel like they’re home.

In addition to these six women business owners, there are ten other empowering female business leaders among Freshfields’ tenants: Staci Lantz of Imagine Home, Linda Malcolm of Indigo Books, Audrey Myers of Indigo Health, Avery Smith of Islands Mercantile, Martha Khong of Kiawah Nail Studio, Mariam Gulistan of Luminary, Glenda LaRue of Palmetto Scent Studio, Gabrielle Egan of Peyton William Jewelry, Kay Stanley of Spartina 449, and Sandra Lempesis of Urban Nirvana.


As we celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8, it’s a prime time to spotlight the women-owned businesses that add a unique flair and entrepreneurial spirit to the Village. From quaint cafes to chic boutiques, these female-owned businesses not only enrich the local economy but also inspire a generation of future female entrepreneurs. Let’s take a moment to appreciate and get to know the dynamic women behind these ventures!